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About the MSATJC:

An estimated 695,000 people live at or below poverty in Mississippi. With one legal services lawyer per every 21,000 eligible individuals, the challenges are great, but the desire to achieve justice for all is greater. While many organizations in Mississippi have long been committed to improving the delivery of civil legal services to the poor, there was no single entity that was representative of all such organizations. Recognizing the need for a single unifying entity to bring together the various providers of civil legal services, the Mississippi Supreme Court created the Access to Justice Commission on June 28, 2006, becoming the 23rd state to appoint such a commission. With the proposed development of a unified strategy to improve access to the civil courts for the poor, a vision was born. Funded through the generous support of the Mississippi Supreme Court, The Mississippi Bar and The Mississippi Bar Foundation, the Commission aims to make a difference for one, for all.

Mississippi Access To Justice Expungement Info

Nicole H. McLaughlin
Executive Director, Mississippi Access to Justice Commission
Director, Access to Justice Initiative, The Mississippi Bar